So today's post starts with me pointing out the obvious. We have a new layout for the website! Yes, the day has come, where we got rid of the red one which in hindsight was way to bright, and adopted this lovely new one! You know what, I have become really attached to the fonts and layout, and one other thing in particular.

As if you couldn't guess, I'm ecstatic to announce we have a new banner. It isn't the banner as such that makes me so happy,it is that we have finally created a layout for ourselves which allows us to have a vertical navigation bar with all the websites on the left, yet still massive amounts of space at the top of the page, to put adverts for upcoming movies, events etc. So, the new banner is the first advert for movie 3, and actually features two of the new characters. I say new, because although you guys met the one in the middle in the last movie briefly (he was at the meeting that Edvard and Sergeii flew to, near the beginning of the movie) you never actually found out his name or what he does. Now, his massive movie is going to be movie 5 or 6, so I wanted to give you guys an introduction to who he is and what he does, so this is your intro to Boris! Also, the guy on the far left is the Reverend, who we mentioned yesterday. For more details about him, head to the page on the website here.

Finally, on more movie related matters, I have spent the day planning the performance for the end of Let's Laugh with Lardich for movie 3. I suddenly thought to myself it won't be long until we make the special features, and I am yet to think of a cool new performance for Lardich's show. Also, with the step up this movie is getting, I wanted it to be different and unique, and unlike the past to Let's Laughs where although the guest singer has moved around the screen it was very static. So I can't announce who the guest is, but I sent my bid to Picture Meerkat with all the drawings and plans in them, and look forward to start work on them soon, hopefully nearer the time, a banner will come to give you a sneak preview of what to expect of this new guest on the show.

One things for sure, for this movie, we're going to make a journey - get it?

Animator Meerkat

This is just a quick post to let you know that I finished the script last night. It has been emailed out to the people that need it, and I can now confirm official movie start work date.

As I told you before, Picture Meerkat is quite busy this week, but the date that he can start working on the movie full time is this coming Thursday, which is 1st July 2010! So, from then on we will be sure to dig the dirt on the latest news, as the movie shapes ready for a late August, early September release.

Also, just before I go. We have a new page on the site. As we welcome on our latest voice actor, who will play the reverend, we have given him his own blog. See the page below Lardich's Lowdown? Yes, thats it, the new one, the Reverend Raves. Also, we have a new whats new page, where I can update you with the latest news as it happens!

Stick with us!

Animator Meerkat
Hiya Guys.

Thought you deserved a bit of an update, so here it is. The script has had some work done on it since I last spoke to you, but I am so busy this month that I haven't done lots of script I'm sad to say. With any luck, I will spend a chunk of time on it this evening, and then also tomorrow night I will spend some time on it, but apart from that, there is nothing else to say on the script front.

But there is something to say on the team front! We are in the process of getting a new voice actor to join the team. I have been in discussion with him yesterday and today, and we are hoping to launch a new page for his character, which he will update regularly, this weekend! So, that is some exciting news for you, please give him a warm welcome!

Picture Meerkat is busy this month as well, but to give him his due, he has managed to get quite a few concepts done for the special effects, which as I mentioned before have been sent off. As off actual scenes etc. he should be ready start them next week, after he finishes his last really busy week this coming week, where he is actually out of office for two weeks at a competition, so good luck to him on that!

Thats about it guys for now!


Animator Meerkat

Just a brief message for you this evening. Got lots on again this coming week, this month seems to be manic! Anyway, so I have been doing other work all weekend, and it has involved me being out for most of it, got back this afternoon.

This means, I have not had a chance to continue with work on the script. Got some work to do now, and then may get a chance to start on the script tonight, be that only for half an hour or something later on, depends how far I get.

So, stick with me guys. This month, for once, I am the one lagging behind. But, this is because I seriously can't do anything about it. Really hope to get a chance to do some work on the script this evening, but it does have to take second priority to this more imporant work - which I intend to spend at least an hour and a half to two hours on. Then, that should leave half an hour to an hour for script qoek.

Better get working now, so that I finish this work in time!

Animator Meerkat
Hi guys,

Got a lot going on still at the minute, thought it would all be over after Thursday of this week, but would seem not. Anyway, I will try to update you as much as I can on what is going on, but advancments on my side will have to be minimal for at least another week - which is a complete turn around, as usually I have everything finished weeks before.

So, Picture Meerkat is also quite busy for about the next week or two, so it doesn't really cause that much of a problem if I'm not doing much, though definitley hope to be within the next week or two. Picture Meerkat has done some work, he delivered all the drawings for the special effects for movie 3 to me today and I have passed them on to Special Effects Kat. The reason we have all the special effects concepts done so quickly, is because the extreme work it will take for these amazingly beautiful 3D effects will be extensive, and so we invisage it taking Special Effects Kat a month or two for completion.

As I mentioned, minimal advances for me, and so the script advancements are absolutely zero. This weekend is chocka for me, but by early next week I will be straight back on, to make sure the script is done in time, rest assured, I will get everything done in time ready for release!

Animator Meerkat

So, not much to say today, in fact, I should be working and not leaving this post at all, it should be Picture Meerkat updating you all, but of course, it is Picture Meerkat, so he isn't doing a thing for the website updating! He leaves it all tome!

Just so you guys know, I'm busy until Thursday, and then from Thursday evening it is all systems are go with the script to have it completed probably within the next two weeks.

We are hoping to get some sponsors, or adveritisers for the site, these guys would have an advert on the opening page of this site, and then further also help adveritse us. Would you guys be OK with this? It wouldn't get in your way really.

Picture Meerkat is doing some movie work, as minimal as this might be. He is drawing all of the different designs for the special effects scenes of this movie, ready to be sent to special effects kat to be made in gorgeous 3D effects. I can't wait to see the finished result! Let me explain to you guys the plan. This movie will have 3D elements, and special effects elements, next movie, we go overboard with the best 3D experience we can give you (which believe me, is good, wait until you see the end of movie 3 with the taster of the next movie!) as well as great special effects and camera angling and really make it less static that in is currently. You wait and see!

Also, we could always do with more help, so if you can help us in anyway with the movies, email us at: meerkatofficials@hotmail.com because we would love for some fans to join the team!

Animator Meerkat

So, before I get on to the more interesting things of the post, I haven't made any advances on the script due to outside commitments, but these finish on Thursday of the coming week and therefore after that it is all systems are go again! So, there you go guys.

Hopefully, we are getting some more advertising on the site in the coming weeks/months. Got some possible deals - but still in talk stages so you guys will just have to wait and see on that front. If any of you want advertising space on the site, we are really cheap ($10 - $15!) just email: meerkatsofficials@hotmail.com and we will get back to you in the following days.

The main attraction of the post. After years of having some software that I use for all my editing (both movie and other stuff) I finally found some cool new effects which I never even knew I could get. Well now, I can, so hope to be using them soon. These new effects will be incorporated in my videos on YouTube, and then I could make a video, upload it to YouTube and put it on the homepage of this website - you might not understand why I would want to do that, no worries, all will be revealed soon - should I go ahead! That is the YouTube development side of things.

On the other side, both Picture Meerkat and I have some changes we want to make to the website, although mine are less durastic that Picture's (mine are just movements, more professional, new features etc. - his are change the way it looks!) so I thought maybe I could use this post to put it to you. What changes would you like to be made to the site? Comment on this post and let me know!

As I did discuss at one point in a previous post, I have serious plans to make this page the homepage, so newcomers see the site and what we do and can then comment on these posts when they see them and get involved etc. how would you guys feel about that? I am always looking for new features for the website and new side projects for the movies so let me know if you do think of anything.

The World Cup started today didn't it? So, good luck to all of your countries, where ever you are, whoever you are routing for, good luck! Maybe a banner coming soon? Hehe

Animator Meerkat

Today, I have to paste some of the honors in the post because I'm utterlu astounded. As most of you already know, we are continuously getting honors, but I only post the special ones. The following are special video honors for my personal channel meerkatsandmongeese. I am so really happy!

Back to movie news, I have done some more work on the script ready, so we are definitley past the halfway point (for the writing - because we have to add credits, titles etc). So far, we are boardering on 30 minutes worth of script, and in total we have about 45 minutes worth of actual movie.

SpecialEffectsKat is hard at work making some models for the movie. By models, we mean 3D water effects of which can be used in the movie. You want spoilers? Let's say waterfalls and water pipes! There you go, a taster of what is to come. This movie is going to really step it up a notch, and I can assure you, if you like this movie we are dubbing movie four (the next one) as the best in the whole entire series. Now that is something to look forward to!

Honors Below!

Animator Meerkat

Sorry I left it so late today, the only reason I am actually posting at all is because we have a video honor tonight. Throughout the day, we have gone in and out of honors because we have had an outstanding day for views, with my inbox full of something like 22 messages from youtube with either subscriptions or comments.

As far as I'm concerned, that means we are back in the running. For a channel just starting out movie two part one is just under 1,000 views.

As for the script, no advances yet, will do soon!

Animator Meerkat

So, I thought I have to leave a post because I like to post one at the beginning of the month and to see another month in the archives for this blog, don't know why, just always seems so fun!

So, haven't done anything on the scripte (at least don't think I have...) since my last post, really busy with other work commitments until mid June, and then free to spend hour after hour writing up some great script for you. I have definitley written the first third but am probably approaching the half way mark now.

We are doing really well on YouTube, two of the channels are taking off (no surprises for guessing which two are doing well!) but this is impacting well on the movies channels which is now nearly up to 1,000 on the second movie and it has only been up a week today on the new channel!

I really think we are in need of a new side project, so if you do have any ideas please let me know. I know I need to upload the next podcast soon, it is on my computer so should be with you soon. Now we have done the app and the online tv channel what is there left for us to do? If you have any ideas, post below, the best one wins a prize! I am thinking of putting this page as the opening page of the website to give people a chance to see this first and therefore see competitions etc.

As you may already know, there is one side project I desperately want to do. When we have some spare time (probably in the summer), I would love to adapt the movies (1 and 2) into novel/book format and then for movie three special features (or as an app or online add-on feature) have the option read the ''book'' format and make an audio book of it. If you have any better ideas let me know!

Although we have lots of honors, I said I'm only mentioning the really ''special'' ones now.

Animator Meerkat