Hi movie fans!

Just a quick one today because, as you may know from the last post, I'm REALLY busy today and tomorrow. But I just had to let you know that the podcast has now gone live.

Yes, if you have missed your podcast fun over the last month or so, we have finally had time to record a new episode and here it is! One thing that you probably will notice is that I forgot that I'd recorded an interview with one of the voice actors, Callum, ready to put at the end of this episode, episode 12 and forgot to introduce it at the end of the episode, so I had to record a new little message to go on the end, and then go into the interview!

To compensate for the long gap between episodes, this episode is 45 minutes long. This is because Kyle and I recorded about 38 minutes of podcast, and then I had a 7 minute interview to add to the end.

Also, my new channel has maintained its honors, yes that is both the video honors and the channel honors. I'm so glad and I'll post them at the end of the post!

Thanks for sticking by us and continuing to come back.

Check out the new podcast episode HERE

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Hi everyone,

No posts in weeks and then two in two days, what am I doing! Hehe. Anyway, news on the podcast, I'm really hoping to get it edited and uploaded this evening, but I am so busy with stuff outside of the project (not work, other stuff). This weekend is action packed for me and I genuinely am trying to get this uploaded for you all to listen to, but the problem is the software I use has told me it needed to be updated and it is one of those programmes that wont let you use it until the update has been achieved - how annoying! Unfortunately, I might have to delay release until Sunday earliest, if not some time next week...

As you know, I have been busy the last few weeks, but that is now coming to a close, hopefully, which gives me more time to focus on writing the movie script, I guess we will just see how it goes. Anyway, I really do have to go now, so I'll speak to you soon!

Honors below, yes I am pleased to announce I have clutched on to some honors for my other channel! You didn't know about my other channel? Check the post below!

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Hi everyone!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, I have been trying to think of things to tell you about, and today we have finally got a whole load of news. First and foremost I guess I should mention Kyle and I have recorded an episode of the podcast and I expect that to be up by the end of the weekend. Just got some editing to do to that first, so please be patient - it is coming this week (unless something goes terribly wrong). 

Now I have been busy lately with other things rather than the movie series, but something I stumbled on was my new YouTube account. I won't give you the details for that, but it has been open just over a week (or two) and it is full of comedies, music videos, vlogs etc. and seeing the reaction from that has made me and Kyle consider doing a video behind the scenes style thing, where we will still do the podcasts but we have a video blogging addition as well. More information on that in the podcast!

This new YouTube account has done extremely well in its opening weeks. I have just under 20 videos because most days I have been uploading at least one video if not more. That has been the by product I have been doing while I waited to finish my other commitments (they finish tomorrow, then its back to scripting the movie for me!) and it has been so successful that I am going to continue it because I'm really enjoying it and its going really well. Proof of that is the honors I have put at the end of this post. Although not directly for the movie, they are a by-product because I have earned them from YouTube for today's work and if that YouTube channel becomes big enough I intend to use it to get more exposure for this project.

Something else that I hope gets us some more exposure is the next movie. Apart from the whole 3D factor, I am busily searching for special guests and have been for a few months now. One or two people I have asked have expressed an interest and one person has asked me to write her a part and then if she finishes a proper cinema movie role, that she is filming currently, by the end of December then she will record a part for the movie as well. But in the meantime I have asked another special guest who today confirmed that they would like to get involved in the project. I have sent the lines through to this person tonight, who has appeared on television 5 or 6 times in the last few months, and with any luck we will have at least one special guest for you in time for movie 4.

Let's hope so, fingers crossed!

Honors Below!

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Hi everyone,

I feel really sorry for not updating the website as regularly as I have done in the past, but I really don't know what to tell you or to put up as news. As expected we are going through a slow period at the minute which I hope will pick up again soon but at the minute little is happening in the way of progress.

As you know, the script has been started, but the bulk of it is to be written in the last two weeks on November and the first two weeks of December, hopefully with a finished script mid December. I'm really busy this week and next, so expect little in the way of news at all!

I'm still looking for guests for the fourth movie, though I'm happy to announce one interested party. I have agreed with them I shall write a part in the movie for them, and if they aren't too busy (they have an extremely busy schedule!) they will record in late December to January, which would be awesome. Please understand though, this person is so HUGE (not fat! has a massive fan base) we'll be lucky if she doesn't have to reject at the last minute. In the meantime, I'm trying to find other interested parties to get involved, I've spoken to two more people today in the hope of some breakthrough, and you know what - I think one of today's might say yes, I hope so!

Kyle and I hope to be doing another podcast for you soon, but as I'm sure you can understand, with how busy I am this week and next, we're finding it hard to fit some time in to record a podcast, but believe me if we can find time we will. Otherwise, normal podcasts will resume after next week! There is one upside to that, you guys can continue downloading the birthday one - please get your friends and family to download it! We have recorded half of the next podcast, but then we ran out of time, so hopefully we'll finish it off soon!

Finally, as you may have noticed, we have ads back on the homepage of the website. As Kyle and I keep reiterating in the iTunes podcast, we need you to click the ads, because we earn profit from every ad click. This profit is going to go towards future movie ventures such as better audio, our own domain, original music composition etc. but we need your help to get that money. Therefore, go to the homepage, click on the ads in the orange box - especially the ones relevant to you e.g. if you like chocolate, click the ads about chocolate! Thanks guys, its a really help for us to make this movie series better, and it doesn't cost you or us anything!

Wow, I did have a lot to tell you!

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Hi all!

So the day 1 surprise has now obviously gone live - it has now been live for two days! If you haven't seen it yet, I don't want to spoil the surprise but its not worth missing because there are so many good spoilers in this trailer.Yes, it is a video trailer and so is live on the homepage and on the YouTube channel.

Finally, we have revealed to you in the trailer all the secrets we have been hiding for months! What do you think? Are you looking forward to movie 4 in 3D! Exciting stuff ey? Well I have been waiting to tell you this for ages, and finally, here it is. The trailer.

That's enough of me babbling on, you go enjoy the trailer and then subscribe to the YouTube channel!

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Hi everyone,

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but the third surprise did come out, it was one of the ones that required quite a bit of preparation, so I hope you like it. It is mega length compared to what your used to! In case you didn't know, its a bumper podcast, so go to the homepage of the website or the iTunes podcast page of the site to find out how to download it, you don't even need an iTunes account!

The day two surprise is up today, which can only mean one thing. The actual day we will celebrate the movie series' birthday every year will be upon us tomorrow! But until then, go and check out the great surprise for today, it may not be what you would expect, and took us a while to think up. It involves a little competition to guess what it actually is, which adds to the fun!

We are having a few problems with tomorrow's surprise because we were due to give you one thing, but it might not work out, so I have a new surprise for you in case the real one doesn't end up getting to you tomorrow. Please note, if I can't get you the original surprise for tomorrow, we'll bring it out as soon as possible - hopefully before Christmas!

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Hi all!

Day 4 is here and I have put the new surprises online on the website homepage for you all to enjoy. I felt bad because I didn't think the surprise for day 4 was enough on its own, so I coincided it with the release of our new official Facebook page! Yes, we have a new facebook fan page, and now we can finally start updating you regularly on Facebook again. I know we have always had a Facebook page for Edvard, but it wasn't updated that frequently, so we are back again with a new page to coincide with the birthday celebrations which we promise to try and update as frequently as we can with lots of new surprises and hints and exclusives, so head over there for knowledge before it even goes live on the website!

We are looking at getting a special guest for the fourth movie at the minute, but we are trying to go a few steps further than an author this time and go for someone properly famous. We are in conversation with a number of people at the minute who are candidates for this role, and we are just waiting for one of them to agree to do it! Trust me, if we can get one of these special guests, they are massive in popularity in the world today, so look out for that soon! If you have someone that you feel is a candidate for being a special guest in the next movie, please let me know because I'm happy to consider your suggestions, email us at meerkatofficials@hotmail.com.

Just to update you, we are hoping to add adverts to our website again very soon, we are looking at ways to achieve this, sorry that they have been missing from the website for a couple of weeks, but with any luck we will have them back up for you soon, watch this space!

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Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in about half a month, I have been away on holiday! Yes, even I need some time off to rest! So you want to know where I've been? well, I have been to Barcelona and then from there I went to Andalusia, but I am back now and raring to get your birthday surprises up and online!

That is the reason why I had to move the birthday back a week, sorry guys, I didn't know I was going until last minute, it was a surprise for me. Therefore, I didn't have time to make alternative arrangements, and barely had enough time left to leave you all a message to explain why the birthday was being delayed.

Anyway, I'm back now, and the first surprise is online on the birthday homepage! In case you haven't seen yet, I won't spoil the surprise, but it is now online, so click HERE for a direct link!

As you can probably imagine, just getting home from holiday means I am really busy so I better leave you now!

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