Hiya again guys!

I am currently listening to the JLS album... yes no meerkat work at the moment. I am taking my 5 minute break from working (no not meerkat work!!!) Hoping to get on to that later. But as for now, as I said it is work work work for me :( I have just had the great drawing of the lab from Picture Meerkat, it is looking great. Also, I have, as I said yesterday, started work on the scientists scene, and this is the end of this. Picture Meerkat and I were earlier talking about the movie, how we intend to release the first one, do we do two versions of the first one or not? I can now confirm we are going to release one version of the first PILOT movie, and then once we have completed ALL of the 7 movies, we will then go back and make them all to the highest standard we believe we can. But first, we want to get the pilot movie out, so soon peoples, soon. At the moment, we are having a joke saying we think we could have it done by March. No chance, as far as I am concerned. We will see, hopefully in the first half of next year, our own personal deadline is near the end of July. So we definitely hope for it out before then, or during that month.

Speak to you soon!

Back to meerkats, woops, sorry, work!

Hope I didn't trick you hehe

Animator Meerkat


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