Hi Guys!

Tomorrow, we will be holding the FIRST audition for a part in the first Edvard Orlovski Movie. I really can't wait because it is so good to see that we are advancing so far! We are hoping to have this movie out by March/April, as I have mentioned before. We think we are about on target to hit this target! I really hope so!

We also, as I mentioned plan to have the second one with you by Christmas '10 and the script for this is now in production. Also, I am about to start work on a nice little video to go on the YouTube channel, just to attract people to the movies. I am also thinking about getting us our own YouTube channel for the movie, at the moment it is shared with my own channel. Maybe nearer the time we shall. 

Speak to you soon!

Animator Meerkat

Xmas Present from us coming soon! A nice trailer!


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