Hey there guys!

Animator Meerkat here! It is great to be talking to you again. Unfortunately, it falls on me to deliver the news because Picture Meerkat is doing other things. Apparently, and you guys know as much as me, Picture Meerkat is working on an animation EXCLUSIVELY for the website. Which is you guys. So I don't know anything about it really, but I think he said something about Christmas and a Festive kind of aim for the animation. But hey ho, we will see what he gives us. Also, as he told you, we have now (much to my disgust!) started work on future movies, but hopefully I have convinced him to return to the matter in hand, Movie 1. Our PILOT movie. I think I managed to convince him :) If not... Anyway, I delivered some music to him for a plane scene from a future movie, and he sent it back and asked it to be changed, so spent 30 minutes doing that today. Also, I believe he has gone back to the most dramatic scene in the movie again, more on that soon. Also, people who follow us and have seen that I have been releasing non-related videos on the YouTube channel, just wanted to let you know, it is so that we can drum up some more support for the movie. 

Thanks Guys,

Hope you are having a great Guy Fawkes Night :) (If you are in UK of course, if you are abroad and do not celebrate i

Animator Meerkat 


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