Good to speak to you again! Just about to email Picture Meerkat with the last few details for the scenes that I need him to give me. This weekend, I have successfully added voices/sound to all the scenes I have. This means we have about 4 left to do - 3 which are easy for us to do and one that is Picture's fight scene. Then we will have a complete movie, ready to be ordered and released. I felt so sad about 10 minutes ago because I fitted the ending to the last scene of the movie and it just felt like the end of an era. I am so proud of what we have achieved, but the only thing is, it is really sad to be at the end of the film, after we have invested so much time into it. I have been creating movies for the last few years, this is the only one that I have successfully got near the end of and the only one I am uploading for you guys to see. 

After I have told Picture Meerkat about what I need him to do I am off to YouTube to leave loads of comments on loads of different channels that have ever done something to do with meerkats to tell them about the movie so they can subscribe to us and get ready for the movie. It is looking like we are to expect a Christmas Day release now!

Speak to you soon - am currently listening to the song that is doing the credits for us :)

Animator Meerkat! Who else?


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