As agreed, another new spoiler for you at the end of the post, stick around until then if you want to see that. First up though, the fight scene. Picture Meerkat is nearly done with his fight scene, thank goodness! I woke up this morning and had 2 emails from him. One was with the credits for the movie and one was saying the fight scene was nearly done and could be finished today. Not 3/4 hours later and he has emailed to say, he may not be finished today but will definitely have the fight scene done for me by Tuesday. YES! I am so excited because it means he can finish the rest of the movie for me! As, I do like to be organized and ready for release dates, and I do like to meet deadlines! So with him finally (nearly) finished with this annoying fight scene, it means I can start to finish the ordering. There is 1 voice that will be in the movie that we can't record until Christmas Day though! So I am trying to decide if I should create the finished movie, start ordering the DVD and then, at the last minute, add this last voice in OR wait until I have it. I hope to do the first because I feel that the second option is cutting it a bit fine, who is to say I will even have had it exported by the time it is to be released. So it will probably be the first option. This is why I need all the finished scenes from Picture Meerkat.

NOTE BY PICTURE MEERKAT - only one or two hours after Animator Meerkat posting this, I completed the fight scene, and will give it to him tomorrow. This means I am two days AHEAD of schedule! 

In a way I am happy that this fight scene has taken him a long time because it has given me a chance to export all the scenes I have, order them, check sound levels and alter anything that needs altering. I really hope this means when it comes to having the whole movie (hopefully by the end of next week!) I will be able to sit here, watch the movie all the way through, and have nothing to change! That would be perfect! Then I would just have to export it all, and upload it. Only thing is, this is media and a movie so there are bound to be things needing change. I will go in with an open mind, and only change the things that desperately NEED changing, though as I have altered the sound on most of the scenes in the movie already, shouldn't be too difficult or stressful because hardly anything should need changing. We have had a problem with the classroom scene because the voicing we recorded was too quiet. We can't change it! Too late! So I have amplified the sound as loud as it will allow me to (from 100 - 500!) and it still is a problem, but not as bad. So it will have to do! Don't worry though, it is audible!

I have both the 'fake' and real credits now. But I am not revealing what I mean by that! So, time for spoiler of the day so if you don't want to hear. Bye!

Animator Meerkat


This post is so long, so not a very long spoiler today. Here it is. One of the mongeese (apart from Meelin) has a big secret to hide! I don't know if even Picture Meerkat will know what I mean. Well, we will see!

Thanks again guys!

Animator Meerkat


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