I know I said I don't have to update every day now, but today, I want to update again. I have news, and this is what this is for. As the observant of you already know, the website has a new page, it is the successful scripts page, all of the scripts will be put up on here once the movie is released. There is a problem with this, which is highlighted on the page in question.

As a possible way around this problem, I was thinking of creating an audio story. This would be a little audio book of the scripts. I thought we could upload them onto the website, and it is just simply the writer or producer or director etc. of each movie, reading out their script, as an audio adventure. Haven't decided if anything will become of this, but it is a nice idea, should we need something for a future DVD or for the website, and I am sure you agree!

Animator Meerkat


Morgan Lewis
12/26/2009 09:14

Hi was just wondering if you are looking for anyone to do parts in this film as i would love to be part of the meerkat team.


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