Finally! The Sergeii MD trailer is online. I have put the video up on the Meerkat Movie Clips page of this very website! So go find it there! Also, I haven't had much to do tonight, so have fixed the special features. We now have our two special features complete with video that is the great Find Sergeii Competition/Game AND Director's Commentary! So how cool is that! We can't wait to have the DVD out. I may suggest trying to get it out New Years Day. Or maybe Christmas Day! As you see the film itself comes out on YouTube on Christmas Day (15 days!) but the actual DVD hasn't had a scheduled release date. I hope to give Picture Meerkat his copy sometime at the beginning of January. Whereas me? My family and I will be watching Edvard Orlovski: The Movie (hopefully if I can persuade them) some time on Christmas Day itself! Picture Meerkat's family will have to wait until I see Picture Meerkat!

Thanks guys, continue to tell everyone you know! Get us a big fan base!

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