Can you believe how close we are to the release day! And Christmas Day! Same Day! I can't wait! I am only posting this because I didn't want to confuse anyone with what I said yesterday. Yesterday, I said that we had 15 days left, and then realised it was kind of 16. So let me explain. We had 15 whole days until its release. We had 4-5 hours as well but 15 whole days. Check the countdown timer! It proves it! Anyway, now we have 14 whole days BUT it is kinda 15 as we have lots of hours after the 14, but not enough to make it 15. Do you follow? I am sure you do! With the last 14-15 days I want to try and give you a little update/spoiler a day! If possible. So don't read below if you don't want a spoiler. For those people not looking for spoilers,


Animator Meerkat


For the rest of you, one of the scenes in the movie includes the song land of hope and glory and a boat pulling out of a harbor. Not much? I know, don't want to give TOO much away. Look out for another tomorrow!

Animator Meerkat


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