Hi everyone!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, I have been trying to think of things to tell you about, and today we have finally got a whole load of news. First and foremost I guess I should mention Kyle and I have recorded an episode of the podcast and I expect that to be up by the end of the weekend. Just got some editing to do to that first, so please be patient - it is coming this week (unless something goes terribly wrong). 

Now I have been busy lately with other things rather than the movie series, but something I stumbled on was my new YouTube account. I won't give you the details for that, but it has been open just over a week (or two) and it is full of comedies, music videos, vlogs etc. and seeing the reaction from that has made me and Kyle consider doing a video behind the scenes style thing, where we will still do the podcasts but we have a video blogging addition as well. More information on that in the podcast!

This new YouTube account has done extremely well in its opening weeks. I have just under 20 videos because most days I have been uploading at least one video if not more. That has been the by product I have been doing while I waited to finish my other commitments (they finish tomorrow, then its back to scripting the movie for me!) and it has been so successful that I am going to continue it because I'm really enjoying it and its going really well. Proof of that is the honors I have put at the end of this post. Although not directly for the movie, they are a by-product because I have earned them from YouTube for today's work and if that YouTube channel becomes big enough I intend to use it to get more exposure for this project.

Something else that I hope gets us some more exposure is the next movie. Apart from the whole 3D factor, I am busily searching for special guests and have been for a few months now. One or two people I have asked have expressed an interest and one person has asked me to write her a part and then if she finishes a proper cinema movie role, that she is filming currently, by the end of December then she will record a part for the movie as well. But in the meantime I have asked another special guest who today confirmed that they would like to get involved in the project. I have sent the lines through to this person tonight, who has appeared on television 5 or 6 times in the last few months, and with any luck we will have at least one special guest for you in time for movie 4.

Let's hope so, fingers crossed!

Honors Below!

Animator Meerkat



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