Hi Everyone,

Good news for all you movie fans! The first and third movie are now available here on the website as YouTube embeds but in only one part! YouTube have changed their limitations and allowed certain channels to have videos of limitless length. We are one of these channels, and therefore I took the chance to upload the full movies in single parts! 

If you look at the Watch the Movies Here page, which is now the second page on the website, you can find movies 1 and 3 in full, one parts. Unfortunately, movie 2 is yet to become available in one segment and this is because I no longer have that file on my computer, and unlike movie 1, movie 2 was not available on Veoh, and therefore I couldn't download it straight from there.

Don't threat though because I have been working over the last few hours and have successfully managed to build a full copy of movie 2, which I then re-exported and now the full movie 2 is on my computer. Therefore, in the next few days (probably not until Monday because of the Christmas weekend!) I will be re-uploading movie 2, also in a single part! I urge you to ask people to watch the movie, either through the website or through the YouTube channel (meerkatmovies) because this will help these single segment parts to gain as many views as the original uploads.

On other movie news, the second generation of movie DVD is now in production. What that means, is I have revamped the whole DVD system, and can now offer the third movie (and hopefully over the next two weeks the other two as well) in a dazzling new view. As part of this revamp I have redone all the movie menus with full flash capabilities and I have also tried to up the quality of the audio and the video you find on our DVDs at the minute.

This new generation of DVD from us will be released in the new year to the world, with a new page on the website where there shall be an online shop, in which you can purchase which ever movie you should like to. I will hopefully be making an ad campaign for this, in which I will showcase all of the changes and features in this new generation of DVD, but that will all come after the Christmas Weekend!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!

Animator Meerkat


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