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So, I thought we were doing well yesterday, today we have 9 honors and it is such good news to hear. I am so glad because it shows what I am trying to do is actually working. It has also put our views on the movie up to 1,500. With any luck, by the time movie 2 is released, we will have our views recovered. I am very hopeful, because this whole process of getting these honors and advertising started two to three days ago, and in that time we have recovered so many views already.

I know, when you think about it, with this other video getting 15,000 views, you would expect it to cause the movie views to increase loads to, but when you think about it, quite a few people may watch on their phones (then the annotations wouldn't come up and they wouldn't be able to click the advert for the movie) and also a big proportion of them just watch the video simply because it is in the most watched videos, not because they are actually interested. Fingers crossed,at least 2,000 views by tomorrow, if not loads more :) As usual, the honors for today will be put at the bottom of this post.

As I mentioned the other day, we are hoping for a site revamp. Unfortunately, due to us using this free provider (weebly) we have many limitations which stop us from being able to do what we would actually like to do. I have spoken to a friend, who is a web and magazine designer, and he will be taking a look at the website many times this weekend, looking at the code to see what it is that he can actually do for us. By the end of the weekend/ early next week he is going to deliver a report to me, explaining everything that he can physically do. I will then authorize the changes that he can make of which I think would be beneficial with us. So hopefully, by the end of next week, we should have either have had a site revamp, or have one scheduled for the coming days.

As you know, I mentioned two side projects. Both of them should still be going ahead in the coming weeks. One of these projects has got back to me this weekend, saying he has decided on what kind of project we can do and just needs the greenlight from his boss and then I will announce it on here as soon as possible - we are very hopeful that this will move forward in the coming week.

The other side project, I have spoken to the people involved last night, and they are going to give me the final decision in the next few days.

By the way guys, if you want us to advertise your site at the top of our homepage, email: edvardmovie@hotmail.com and this can be arranged!

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