Over the last few hours we have switched providers of our TV channel. Now, it is explanation time!

TVUNetworks (our old provider) didn't provide a 24/7 TV channel service, so over the last few hours I switched it over to UStream. UStream allow us to have our TV channel up and running even when the PC isn't on and we are asleep! I love it!

Basically, go to the TV channel page, and it will automatically start from the beginning of the current playlist. The playlist will be update every week or two with new videos, or podcasts. The podcasts are what I am most excited about because you will be able to listen to the latest news as it happens.

The other great thing, is once every few weeks, we can arrange to have a question and answer session LIVE over the internet! At an agreed date and time, you can go to the TV channel page and listen to us broadcast LIVE. You can here exactly what we are doing, as we do it, and we will hold question and answer sessions. The first one, will be held in a week or two when Picture Meerkat and I record the voices.

We will meet up to record voices, and at the agreed interval, we will stop, and broadcast LIVE to you! Yes, Live! And you can hear us answer your questions as you send them in!

Podcasts, Live shows etc. coming soon. Take a look at the TV channel page now to see our 1 hour and 3 minute playlist including the two new trailers, the first movie (in full) and an advert for the movies. 

Remember, this is new, and it will evolve over time, but support us now please! On the 'the TV channel' page you can even talk to other listeners while you watch the movie with the new chat feature! Go on, give it a go! 

Movies at your finger tips!

For free advertising on the channel, email: edvardmovie@hotmail.com

Animator Meerkat

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