Hiya guys,

So we have some more really good honors, for the videos. One new video has made it into the charts, and I only uploaded it last night, so that is good news. This has also had the positive effect on the movie views, which has resulted in us passing 4,000 views on the second movie! This is the first time we have ever had so many views on the second movie, so thanks so much guys for your support, this makes us realize the reason why we keep uploading content, if we didn't have a audience, what would be the point?

Also, in other news, we have had a hold back on movie production, which is entirely Picture Meerkat's fault. He was meant to be delivering some content for the Let's Laugh with Lardich, so at least I can get that done while I wait for some scenes from the movie from Picture, this morning, but lost the things, so he has to do it tonight and tomorrow instead.  As soon as I recieve this, I will begin work on that, with hopes of being finished with it by the end of the week, so at least one special feature is out the way. That is my plan for this movie, work on the special features while I wait for the scenes, so at least they are done and out the way. But hopefully Picture is back on track now.

Thanks for your continued support, I can assure you this coming movie will be the best one yet, so I look forward to speaking to you soon, please continue your support, and tell all your friends to get involved and support us!

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat

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