If you want the spoiler, then as the title suggests, go down to the post below this one! Anyway, back to here and now. I HAVE made another special feature! I am sorry guys! There was some free space on the DVD STILL, and I just had to fill it! So I made a nice little commentary. What it is, is all of the different trailers, all put onto one video, and me commentating over the top of them, explaining what it was like to make the trailers etc. 

Anyway, this includes teaser trailer 2. Now many people like this the least, because it has no sound. This was a problem with file format, being it was recorded as m4a. Anyway, then I lost it. So, to make this a VERY special special feature, I looked around and found the ORIGINAL FIRST TRY at recording for Teaser Trailer 2! This means, on the DVD, you can hear the original sound accompanying the trailer! I was so happy! I would like to point out this was only the first attempt, the final one was 8 times better, but we lost it! So this will do. How exciting! I bet you all can't wait for the DVD now, which by the way, when you look at part 7, on YouTube, of the movie, there is a little bit of details of how to get the DVD.

Animator Meerkat

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