This is the penultimate piece of the puzzle, and it shows who gets the nice uniform on the right. It's Meelin! I'm going to post larger pictures of some characters in a small while, but enjoy this piece first!
Although you wouldn't think that there is any room left, there is still one unseen character on the cover! It's a new costume for somebody... This week I did some more work on the banner, and it looks quite good so far. It shouldn't be too long until it's completed, and I might have it done by the week after next. Until then, Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkart
I love Owls
5/21/2011 09:14:32

Couldn't you post it on a different day but Friday, because I am really busy on Fridays every week. !!! You know who I am Picture Meerkat.... And I know where you live!!!!!!


5/21/2011 11:46:18

I am busy on fridays as well! What a coincidence! Maybe you could do it on a thursday or a saturday? That would be awesome.

Love from
Owl Lover (no.2)


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